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ComSIM Business Acumen

Various managers in a bank region or branch carry the responsibility for executing bank strategy on operational level - they have to align and manage a broad spectrum of business activities and decisions to the bank’s objectives and requirements.

Understanding the bigger picture and how to relate this to the bottom-line is paramount to organisa-tional success. Business acumen assists in understanding these dynamics in a practical manner.

Why business acumen training matters…

Understanding the Bigger Picture

The ComSIM Bankers Programme focus on transferring business acumen (business ability) skills to bank managers in wide ranging positions. These managers must learn to understand and interpret in a practical manner the fast changing world and markets, a changing banking system, competitive forces and rapidly changing customer demands. ComSIM address these issues in a practical manner.

Adapt to the changing market environment

ComSIM provides banking staff with context about understanding fundamental questions about banking: How is a bank funded? How do you manage liquidity and risk? Why is the Asset/Liability position of the bank important? Why must banks have own capital? How do branches influence bank profitability? How do you influence staff skills and motivation? Why are there so many compliance rules in banking? How do I influence the bottom-line?”   Dr Christiaan Mostert (CEO)

ComSIM Business Acumen for Bankers


Business Acumen





 ComSIM is ideal for commercial and retail bank training in advanced and emerging markets

Financial acumen for non-financial managers is the ability to understand how your day-to-day decisions translate into the bottom-line. What is key to this, is that it is not necessarily from an accounting point of view, but from a management and especially a decision-making perspective.

The comfortable interpretation of financial state-ments should be a skill that ordinary managers have in order for it to become a management tool. Understanding the various linkages between interest and fee revenue, margins, cost and overheads assist managers in achieving results.

Develop Financial Acumen

ComSIM Banker Simulation

ComSIM is a powerful business acumen programme with applied business simulation to align managers at various levels of bank head offices, regional offices and branches to the complexities of executing bank strategy and acquiring the skills to be successful in that.

ComSIM is ideal for commercial bank training in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. ComSIM is an internationally applied simulation and therefore helps in expanding the world view of the participants.

Why is ComSIM Banker so unique?

The ComSIM Business Acumen Programme focuses on understanding the total output needed by managers to ensure a profitable bank, not only technical/financial training. It places equal emphasis on the whole business - operations, marketing and sales, people and business finance (the result).


Dr Christiaan Mostert, CEO

Email: christiaan@comsim.co.za

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 557-6010

Ms Karen Nel, Programme Manager

Email: karen@comsim.co.za

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  ComSIM - Leading Business Acumen Specialists

  “Business acumen is learned, not intuitive”

  “Business acumen is learned, not innate”