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ComSIM Business Acumen

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International Pharma

German Auto  Manufacturer

Quality orientation with aggressive cost management to protect margins. Managing 24/7 production scheduling.

Advanced Business Acumen to support your organisation’s strategic alignment

The ComSIM Business Simulation Series provide organizations with powerful learning and training support with practical applications in:

*  Strategic Alignment

*  Business Improvement

*  Performance Management

*  Change Management

Read what managers say about our programmes.....

“The way in which Dr Mostert facilitated the course encouraged us to perform at our best and understand the logical world of integrated business finance.

This course has made me relook at my career.  It simply was brilliant – so much so that I rate it the best block to date”. National HR Manager.

“The programme helped me discover many new  things about why and how my Operations Department influence the bottom line.  Very balanced theory and practice and what’s more, I could apply it!  The Business Simulation  was great!“

“I feel very confident after this workshop. The programme exceeded my expectations by far as I have a much better understanding why things happen in my company (=bigger picture!)”

“The programme forced me to learn through tough situations and has definitely changed my perspective. Very punctual, enthusiastic and engaging.”

“Very rich programme with new approach. Even with my MBA I have not experienced so much important but practical content in a single program. I now have a real vision for my department because of the bottom-line approach using all the resources in the company.“

“Very knowledgeable and experienced facilitators. I liked  the international examples they have used - our company is increasingly competing against international competitors and it is crucial for my Division to stay at the forefront. ”

RMDP Retail Management (Business Finance). Certificate programme for retail managers coming from various companies

ComSIM Business Acumen

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